Asia Sparks 亚星生活

A natural wine importer China

Since 2016 we are working with wine growers from all over the world who focus on low intervention/natural wine making. And we distribute to more than 80 restaurants and bars who cares about natural spirit in China.


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Growers we work with 我们合作的酒农


Antonin Azzoni, Le Raisin et l’Ange

Nicolas Vauthier, Vini Viti Vinci
Brendan Tracey, Le Clocher Sainte-Anne

Anders Frederik Steen
Fabien Jouves

Laurent Saillard

Camille & Mathias Marquet, Château Lestignac
Antoine Lienhardt
Alice & Olivier de Moor
Domaine de la Touraize 
Domaine Didon 

Laurent Lebled


Alexander Koppitsch
Eduard & Stephanie Tscheppe, Gut Oggau


Czech Republic

Milan Nestarec


Gingi Project

Natural Wine Rocks!